Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ward Halloween Party

Last night our ward had its annual Halloween party.  It was GREAT!  They had tons of chili and cornbread, hot dogs, and homemade rootbeer.  YUM  There were lots of games for the kids and they had a blast.  They earned tickets at the games, and then used the tickets to buy prizes or treats.
I wasn't going to have the kids dress up, but at the last minute they all wanted to.  Of course.  :)  So we put together what we could.  Teeny Bopper and Tailgunner went as a couple:

Sweet G was a biker girl with her daddy.  (no pictures of them, we were in a huge hurry!)
Blondie and her friend next door went as black and white opposites.  Friend S had black pants and white shirt, Blondie had white pants and black shirt.  Again, no pics.
Little Miss was a dead-goth-princess, or something like that.

And last but not least, Dr. D was an indian:

AND-the great part is, three of our kids won awards for their costumes!!  Teeny Bopper won funniest costume in her age bracket.  Dr. D won Most Creative costume award for his age, and Tailgunner won Cutest Costume for his age.  Sweet!! Hurray for last minute dressing up.  :)

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