Monday, November 7, 2011

He cares

I was just sitting and scanning through the newest New Era, an LDS church magazine designed for teenagers.  Nothing was really catching my attention, just kind of flipping through it to see what was in there.  Good articles, but nothing really hit me until I turned a page and there was a few pages about General Conference.  Common questions youth (and anyone, for that matter) come across everyday, and the answers to those questions straight from General Conference talks.

Questions like, "What do i do if I feel lonely or unimportant?"
"Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?"
"How can I receive personal revelation?"

I started crying.  Just like that-from feeling nothing to crying in a matter of a second.  I guess the Spirit hit me suddenly and I couldn't contain it.
I had been pondering just minutes earlier about my lack of personal devotional this morning.  I had forgotten to take the time to say my personal prayers, or to study in the scriptures.  My mind had wandered into the question, does it really matter?  Does it matter if I missed something as small as saying my prayers or reading the scriptures?  I got the distinct impression during this "moment" with the New Era that God loves me and He wants me to make the effort to do these things because HE wants to know ME.
He wants ME to know HIM.  I want this, too.

I LOVE our church magazines!  Do you?

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Savannah Whetten said...

yes yes i do