Tuesday, November 8, 2011

my nemesis

Laundry is not my best thing.  (understatement)  I feel like its out of control most of the time.  Like today, for example.  I could literally do at least 10 loads in my super-capacity machine in an attempt to get "caught up".  10.  loads.  Now, imagine my joy when I find 2 more loads of donation clothes that my little girls took outside in order to have a yard sale (that I said they couldn't have) which were rained on for 2 days and are now soaking and need to be washed.  
Just what I needed today.  :)

So, HOW HOW HOW do you stay caught up on laundry?  My biggest problem is kids putting clean clothes into the hampers.  We have one hamper per bedroom for the kids, and they are OVERFLOWING DAILY.  I know they aren't wearing that many clothes.  Suggestions?  Anyone?


Karli said...

Make THEM do their laundry :) I bet they'll be more conscious of what clothes get put in the hamper. My little guys are in charge of folding and putting away their laundry... the best thing I did, for sure. When they put up a fight, just hand them a garbage bag to fill up and say you'll be glad to donate them to another child who's willing to take care of their clothes. :) Works like a charm!

Melinda said...

I love laundry.... I like sorting, washing and folding..I know weird huh? The reason I wanted the house I live in now was for walk in laundry room...LOL

Even though my kids are teenagers I still do 95% of the laundry. But one of my pet peeves is clean clothes being put in with the dirty. I haven't found a solution for that. It doesnt happen too often now that my kids are older but when it does I usually get on them about it....they hate hearing me complain...LOL The way my laundry system works is I have a basket on a shelf for each kid so I usually just stick it back in their basket.

I can't imagine your laundry with 6 kids Sally. Make it a family effort. The older kids can help load and unload and the little ones can help sort socks and learn to fold too. Good Luck with it.

Salsa Mama said...

So, how much do you love laundry Melinda? Wanna come over later... Just kidding. Kinda. :)

The older girls are 100% responsible for doing their laundry. I just get tired of seeing clothes all over the floor of their room and wonder "are they clean or dirty?" I think I just need to stop looking in there.

The younger ones switch the laundry (washer into dryer) and put their clothes away. They are not happy about putting them away, but they usually do it. I have found WHOLE PILES OF CLEAN LAUNDRY back in the dirty clothes a couple of times. grrrr I just need to get into some kind of groove, like do 2-3 loads a day or something.

The only laundry I have under control is my little boys, because I help them keep their room picked up and they don't try on 20 outfits a day like the girls do.

I think I may just do the garbage bag trick. Maybe I will just go bag up whatever is on the floor and put it in the garage. Whenever they are missing something I will have them do a chore in order to get it out... hmmm

Melinda said...

Sally I would love to come help you get caught up....Serious! LOL

I have one son who often keeps his clothes on the floor. They are both dirty and clean clothes he just throws aroung. His room really annoys me when I look in it. So I keep the door shut. My other two kids use baskets and are pretty clean.

I get you about the girls changing and everything beckas room can get pretty cluttery with just her clothes.

Whole piles of clean laundry back in with the dirty clothes....ya I would bag that stuff up and let them miss it for awhile...LOL Doing a chore would be a great idea to get it back. Good Luck Sally!