Monday, December 26, 2011

Family Picture

Phew!  We barely squeaked it in, but we took our annual family picture!!  We did it in 15 min from the call, "Everybody get dressed; let's go take our family picture!" to back home and done.  I had a pedicure to do but the sun was going down, so we threw some clothes on, brushed our hair, ran across the street to stand by the wall, and got 'er done.  I love them!

We had to use Teeny Bopper's camera, because mine won't download for some reason.  grrrrrrrrrrrrr   Oh well.  And the beauty of black and white is, you can wear whatever and don't need to match!  Yay for modern technology!  (and Picnik)  The only thing that bugs me is that I look like my eyes are closed.  I squint when I smile so I don't know if they are or not.  Whatev.  :)


C said...

I think those are GREAT! You all look beautiful/handsome, and happy. The editing is great, and I agree about black and white! Bravo! Can't wait to see it on your wall. In person. (wishing!)

Drama Queen #1 said...

I wish I knew who edited that picture... Because I bet they are really, really attractive and almost sixteen or something. :^)

Holly Decker said...

you rock my socks off. amen.