Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Holidays Stuff

We have had a very full and wonderful December.  Why isn't much of it documented here?  Well, for one, I have been so busy doing things I haven't had a chance to write about it.  And for two, my CAMERA won't DOWNLOAD.  I am t.i.c.k.e.d.  So, I will have to grab Teeny Bopper's camera and take some after shots.

Here is a brief low-down of what we have done:
Bought a real Christmas tree
Decorated the house and aforementioned tree
Christmas concerts out the wazoo
The older girls got contacts
The younger girls got a bunk bed
Decorated gingerbread houses
Walked around the Temple and saw the lights
Ate lots of food
Gave out salsa to the neighbors
Lots of shopping
Lots of wrapping
Made a wooden blocks nativity set
Put lights on the house
Attended and hosted parties and gatherings (including a little bonfire in the backyard)
Cleaned the house and messed it right back up again, multiple countless times
Played games with the kids (and hubby), especially Just Dance and Curses, our newest games-HILARIOUS
Watched movies
Dr. D learned how to ride a bike
Had Little Miss' tonsils and adenoids chopped out
Took our family picture

It has been a fantastic month!  Christmas was great because we were able to get many things we have needed for a while and the kids were so happy to get them.  Since we got the girls big things (contacts and bunk beds) most of the Christmas gifts were family oriented.  I mentioned the Just Dance game and Curses.  We also got some good jump ropes-individual ones and long ones for double dutch.  Also the movie The Help and books-the Fablehaven series and a Shannon Hale set.  DH and I got Kindle Fires for our Christmas gifts.  We have had lots of fun with those!

It's sad to see 2011 go, because it has been such a good year to us.  Kind of strange to think of the year almost being over.  Life is good!  Bring on the new year.

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