Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Not much Christmas

This post is not so much about anything Christmas-y.  Just random stuff.

* My beloved SIL just went through a miscarriage.  It was sad and very surprising to us all.  She is a trooper, though, and handling it very well.  It has made me think, is all.  And try to figure out how to get me a plane ticket,  pronto!  :)

* I had to fill out the form to register my Dr. D for Kindergarten.  I am kind of freaking out!  There is a choice for full day or half day.  I canNOT get myself to check one.  In my mind I have reasons for both being ok, and all I can do is sit here and cry (yes, cry) because I am having a hard time letting my baby go.  What do I do?

* I really want a Kindle Fire.  Well, I want an Ipad, but a Kindle Fire is way cheaper, so I want one of those.

* OK, on a Christmas note, I made a Christmas craft, put up a few more Christmas decorations, hosted a Christmas party for my Activity Day girls, and started making a Christmas gift today.  Yay!!

I turned this:  (they were all out of  "J" so I had to be creative :)

Into this:  (inspiration via Pinterest, of course)


Jen said...

I'm so sorry about your SIL. sooooo heartbreaking:(

Love the Christmas craft!
and don't even get me started on sending my kids to school. i swear it's going to be the hardest day of my life. Not looking forward to it.

Melinda said...


awwww I cant believe he is ready old enough for school. WOW his teacher will love him. I go for hald day kinder. But I guess it really depends on the child.

Holly Decker said...

brilliant. you rock. now come decorate my house, please.