Thursday, December 8, 2011

I blame the hormones for this one

So, it hasn't been the best day.  I don't usually post things like this, but I think I will today.  :)

The day started with the realization that I missed the early registration for Blondie to start Jr. High next year.  Grrr  I called the school, and they said it's ok-jut get the application in asap and she will just have to do her entry tests in the spring.  Bummer, but ok.  She can still get in so it's all good.  But only after some worry and fret on my part.  Oh well.  Taken care of now.

Try to upload some pictures from my camera, and for some reason they won't upload.  I will try again later I guess, but this has never happened before.  Great.

So, I shower and take the time to remove my toenail polish and fuss over my cuticles a bit so I can paint them a happy red glitter later.  With white polka dots.  I get out, dry my hair, and get a phone call.  It's my visiting teaching partner calling to remind me of our very important appt this morning.  Yeah, of course I FORGOT all about it!  At least my hair was dry, and thank goodness she called!  I bet she was inspired to do that.  I yank on a horribly unflattering shirt; no time to change.  My toe nails are stained a slight ugly yellow, but gotta leave them for later.  (who's going to notice them, right?  I mean besides toe people like me?  gah-I have got to let these things go!)  Grab the boys from the table, faces and hands covered in jelly, and we jump in the car and go.  It turned out to be a very good thing we went.  Whew!

Next, I get a text from Teeny Bopper who has a ballroom concert tonite saying that the tickets are all sold out.  Um, EXCUSE ME?  So, I won't be able to go see my daughter perform?  I am ticked off about this one.  She may be able to get an extra ticket from a friend, so DH and I will toss a coin for it or something.  Or....maybe I could sit on his lap?  :)  So, after the registration thing and now this, I am feeling like Loser Parent of the Year.  Yep.  AND...there's more.

Well, I decide to take the boys to the mall for Kids Club and let them have their free carousel ride.  Even get a pretzel for a snack and play in the play place.  Sounds good!  We get to the pretzel place first, so I order and open my cute little purse to pay.  I stand there with it open while he runs my debit card.  When he gives it back to me, I go to put it back into my purse and there hanging out are my *ahem* feminine supplies, practically splayed out on the counter.  O.K.  I quickly stow things away, take my pretzels and run.
We go to the carousel--oh boy, the kids are psyched!  Yah, turns out there is no kids club in December so they don't get a free ride afterall.  Well, I don't have any money to pay for a ride, so we have to leave.  Lucky for me, the boys are totally fine about it and we head to the play place in peace.  I was expecting resistance with this one, but they were so good!  What a blessing.

SO...I decided I should look for the joy in my day after all this.  Having a good visiting teaching partner who is on the ball even when I am clearly not.  And taking the time for the appointment was a good thing.  I feel so glad we went.  I love how my Dr. D was so obedient (after a little talk about it).  He was truly so well behaved today.  Hearing Tail Gunner talk.  It's SO adorable!!  He's at that stage where people walk by and hear his cute little voice and can't help smiling and commenting on him.  He is such a smart little turkey!  It was fun watching Dr. D gallop around the play place like a horse (thanks to his cousin in Utah who taught him to do that) and watch the other kids show the funniest expressions at him!  Like, "What the?  This boy is galloping around here like a horse?  Huh?"  So funny!
And now, my toes are wearing a happy red glitter and await their polka dots.  Ahhhh.  Much better!  Now off to change my shirt, put on some makeup and relax.  For the next 5 minutes until the kids get home, that is...  :)


Jen said...

venting is good therapy.
So sorry for days like these :(

Melinda said...

WHAT A DAY!! Glad it ended positvely.