Saturday, December 10, 2011


I have heard many women say that it's important to have something to do every now and then to help keep balance in our lives, that is separate from being a mom all day long.  Even though being a mom is the best occupation there is, sometimes giving of yourself 24-7 can get draining and leave one feeling in need of a re-charge.  I agree with this, and for me this has taken different forms at different times in my life.  I have done card making and scrapbooking, "Mommy's night" out with friends--things like that.
My newest outlet and re-charge is choir.  I was invited by a member of my ward, who is the director of the choir, to join and I LOVE it.  I love it so much!!  I always planned to join an orchestra at some point.  You know, when the kids were grown up a bit and I didn't have little babies at home.  I figured something like that would be much farther down the road for me, but then along came Resonance.  They are super family friendly, and though it is a firm commitment to attend rehearsal once a week they do understand when things come up.  It is affordable and close to my house--perfect, really.  (another big plus, the choir outfits are fairly attractive, not hideous like I was afraid of :)
And turns out I can not only sing in the choir, but they use my flute and piano playing as well, which makes me super happy!!!  I know it sounds like I am exaggerating, but being a member of this choir is one of the highlights of my life.  I am so blessed to be a part of it.
Last night we had the annual choir Christmas party and as a part of this, we went to sing for a lady who is homebound and terminally ill.  She was a sweetheart, and well aware that this was her last Christmas on this earth.  I felt a sweet Spirit with us as we sang to her in her home, and what a privilege this was for us.  THIS is the kind of group this is.  We are going to another similar woman's home on Monday.
I thank the Lord for putting Resonance in my life.  It's great all year, but at Christmas??  Wowzers.  Try singing Christmas songs with an awesome choir.  :)    It's a good life.  :)

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THat is awesome Sally!