Sunday, December 4, 2011

Temple lights

I forgot my camera again so this pic is from the Church News.

Our family activity today was going to the temple to see the Christmas lights.  It was pretty cold out there, so we bundled up and I took some hot chocolate in a thermos.  We also took some "fireworks glasses" that DH brought home from work.  They made the lights look like they were exploding rainbows or something, it's hard to describe.  We saw the nativity displays inside and called it a night.  I love the temple!  (Although, I must say that as much as I love the lights, I like the temple better without them.) :)


Jen said...

I am looking forward to going.

Yes I never really thought about it. I love the lights, and they are fun to see each year. but i agree, the Temple is more beautiful with out them.

Lorie said...

*sigh* We miss the Temple lights! I can't wait to see them!