Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Ward Party

OK, no month of December is complete without the ward Christmas party.  This year the theme was "Christmas Around the World".  We had foods from all different countries.  DH signed us up to take empanadas, his favorite food from Chile, where he served his mission.  I should have taken a picture, because the platter of empanadas did look pretty cool, but I didn't think of it.  In fact, I was just glad to have finished them in time.  :)
Dr. D was Joseph in a little living Nativity that the primary kids did.  Oh my, they were so adorable!!

Insert picture here as soon as I get one emailed to me

What a nice evening.  Time well spent with family, our ward family.
(I have to admit, that I was feeling a little homesick for some friends in our last ward.  "Make new friends, but keep the old..."  So glad that is a true statement!)

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tdljld said...

We miss you guys and that ward too! Speaking of, Cake is dying to see her betrothed. We need to get together some time. I'll send you a text.