Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Yes, this post is a little late.  I haven't been posting much at all these days because my camera won't download and it just takes away my blogging spirit to not have pictures.  Well, I got a card reader yesterday so I can now get the pics off my camera!!!  Hallelujah!
I already posted a Christmas collage with pics off of Teeny Bopper's camera, but I took some of the family decorating the tree that I think are fun.  Good memories!  I love my family.

Digging into the bin to get just the right ornament to hang:

The girls in their jammies decorating with delight:

Tailgunner's pants are about to fall off, and you can see DH off to the side finding just the right Christmas tunes to play.

It was so cute to see Tail Gunner so into the tree this year.

HA!  I can't remember what was going on in this picture, but Teeny Bopper is obviously saying something incredulous to Blondie and Little Miss.  Sweet G is oblivious to all but the serious business of decorating that tree.  :)

 Candy canes were a big hit this year, real and fake.

Little Miss had the honor of putting the star on the tree top this year.  She was the easiest one to lift up to do the job.  :)

A night shot of the tree on Christmas Eve, all ready for Christmas!

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