Saturday, March 10, 2012

What is Easter?

My boys and I were driving past the Temple the other day.  Of course, we pointed it out and talked about it.  I also added, "And look!  The stage is up and ready for the Easter Pageant!"
Dr. D asked, "Oh!  What's the Easter Pageant?"
I explained that it was a play, or a show all about Easter.
He was very excited about that and said, "Oooh!  Who plays the bunny??" I told him there was no bunny in the Easter Pageant.  He was a little confused, I could tell.  I asked him, "What is Easter all about?"
He said, "Bunnies!"
I said, No, that's not it.
He said, "Candy!"
Nope, not it either.
He said, "Eggs?"

I told him it was actually about Jesus.  He thought that was pretty interesting.

I think I know what we are talking about for Family Home Evening!! :)

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