Monday, June 25, 2012

Diary of 2 weeks without kids-Day one

Well, I do have one kid here so without kids really isn't the proper title.  Without little or many kids is more appropriate I suppose.  But, really, who cares so I am leaving the title how it is.  AND, the first week is the quiet one.  The second week I will be at Girl's Camp with tons of girls all over the place, including 3 of my own.  So, only the first week actually counts as without many or little kids.   It's complicated.

Night before:  lots of crying.   (only by me.  I couldn't help it!)   I couldn't stop thinking about missing my baby.  The older ones leaving doesn't bother me, I know they won't even notice I'm not there, and it will be kind of nice to have some quiet for a little bit.  But my baby boy...  that's a different story.  He is so good and sweet to be around that I am going to miss him like CRAZY.  And even though it's only 2 weeks, he will have changed when I see him next.  I feel bad that I made my father in law feel bad, but I really couldn't help the tears.  Oh well.  :)

Day one, morning:  Said goodbye.   More crying.  I laid down for a few minutes to try to sleep it off, but could tell right away that wasn't going to happen.  So I decided to drown my sorrows in work.  I cleaned the dishes and kitchen, mowed both lawns, cleaned dining room and showered.  All before like 8 am.  It kind of worked.  I am too worn out to cry anymore.

*disclaimer:  I totally know and accept the fact that I am a BIG BABY.  I am not crying because I am nervous or think Tail Gunner will be sad or anything like that.  I am just missin' my baby.

I am going to stop talking/writing now before the water works start up again.  And we have a super-duper fun day planned.  My niece is here and this is our last day to party with her, so Sweet G, niece T and I are going to the mall, going to see Avengers, coming home to do a cousin's photo shoot, then going to Sunsplash tonight, which will really tick off my other kids because they are dying to go.  Sorry kids!!  We can't afford to take you all, so now that you are gone we get to go.  (sad but true)  hehe  Oh well.  I deserve some fun after all the crying, yes?

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Adriana said...

How fun!!!!! you deserve a little break!!!! ENJOY:):):)