Monday, June 18, 2012

In second grade Little Miss says...

We got a book at the end of the school year with all of Little Miss' stories and things she wrote throughout the year.  I wanted to post a few of my favorites here, so in case something happens to the book we still have them.  (original spelling included) :)

If I Had One Wish
This is the thing I would do if I could do this.  I would want to be tiny!  I think personoly it would be awsome to be tiny.  I would swim with the fish at my house.  But their eyes are freeky.  They would give me nightmares.  Uugh!  I hate nightmares.  And that's what I would do.

If I Were The Strongest Person In the World
If I were the buffest person in the world This is what I would do.  If I were the buffest person I would lift up a car and alot of other things.  One of the things I would lift up is a car.  I would also be famous.  I would lift up alot of fish tanks.  I can't even lift a fish tank I think.  That would be awsome!!  I would be pretty cool.  And that's what I would do.

When my mom and dad went to Prescott for a flag presentation someone stole my dad's flag!  And their were guards and they still got away with it.  So they looked every place and it was gone.  And it was a brand new flag!  One of the men gave my dad money.  And it was his own money to by a new flag.  That is amazing isn't it?  I learned that we should be thoughtful like that man.

How to cook A Turkey
I can teach you how cook a turkey.  First you buy the turkey.  Then you bring it home.  Next you set the stove 70 degrees F.  Don't forget to cook it for about 10 minutes.  Finally you put all the toppings on it.  That is how you cook a turkey.

Dear Dad,
This diploma says you are the best dad ever because you are extremly nice you by me clothes and water and evrything I have.  And you love me so so much!  You take me out for ice cream.  And I'm glad your my dad.  And this was what the diploma is for.
                                                                Love, Alicya

Dear Mom,
This Diploma tell that your the best mom ever!  And you lov eme serve me dinner and treats and lunch you love me so much and you make me feel better when I'm sick and thats why you got this diploma.
                                                                 Love, Alicya

My personal favorite in the book is this fill in the blank:

Children should be seen and not ignored.
Two's company, three's friends.
None are so blind as one.
Where there's smoke, there's pollution.
You can lead a horse to water, but not food.
Strike while the other people are striking.
It's better to be safe than not safe.
No news is good.
Don't put off tomorrow what you did today.
Don't bite the hand you'll get in trouble.
You get out of something what you want.
Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
A penny saved is a penny spent.
Haste makes complications.

This is the poem she wrote and won first place at Arts and Letters Night with.  I was a judge and didn't know she entered a poem.  I voted for hers and didn't even know it!  :)  (they don't have names on them when they are judged)

Mommy why can't I be a pirate?
Or a fairy up in a tree?
Or Mommy why can't I be an austronont?
To go up in space as far as you can see.

Mommy says when I grow up I can be 
all those things.
But Mommy!  I want to be them now!
Mommy says I have to be patient.
But I say I don't know how.

Mommy can I be a famous rockstar?
Mommy says I can be whatever I want 
to be.
I can!  So I can be a trotting horse?!
Mommy said, Well...Maybe.

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