Friday, June 8, 2012

Mexico part tres

The alternate title to this post is, Grandpa's New Swing.

While we were there, Grandpa had a new swing installed.  There aren't words to describe it's awesomeness, so I hope the pictures will help.

This is an early stage, before the actual swings were attached.  J was terrified!!  It was funny at the same time though, and even he laughs at it now.  :)  He has such a great attitude!

So, the swing consists of a very large pole cemented deep in the ground.  It is TALL.  At the top there is an X with a chain hanging from each end.  So, four chains hanging down.  Two of the chains have metal triangles to hold on to.  You run and then hold up your legs for a ride.

The other two chains branch out into two chains to hold a tire swing.

There is rarely just one person in the tire swings.

Yes, even I got in on the action.  :)  Be jealous.  haha

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Drama Queen #1 said...

Mom, you are just so cute.
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