Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mexico part II

We had such a lovely time with the family that was there.  It was refreshment to my soul to see my darling C after so long, and to see the kids together was so wonderful.  They love each other so much and were inseparable the whole time!  Sweet G and T, Blondie and J, Little Miss kind of went from group to group and spent some time with her cousin Claire that lives there.  Dr. D, Tailgunner, and E spent a lot of time together as well.  Everyone had someone and it was perfection.
I even got to go to C's ultrasound to find out the gender of their baby.  That was such a privilege!  I almost cried I was so excited and happy.

Hula hoops always spell fun.

A lot of sittin' in the shade and visiting.  The weather was GORGEOUS!

 Twins?  Just a generation apart.

Partners in dirt.

Partners in teen-dom.

After pinata faces.  Cousin Johnny had a birthday while we were there and we had a big family get together on the patio.

These two loved the water fountain outside.

I can't get enough of this little guy!  He is the sweetest!!

The family dinner:

The wildflowers are amazing here!

Family dinners on the patio are one of the best parts of being down home.


Jen said...

It seriously looks so gorgeous there!

That's a part of Mexico i have not had the opportunity to visit yet.... some day :)

C said...

I am crying already, and it's only 9 on the morning.

I am loving your posts about Mexico. You write what is in my heart too! I feel so blessed to have been on this trip... I will always have these memories. Another great trip to treasure up!! So many special things happened, not the least of which you being at my ultrasound! Yay. And we just have to do this one again!