Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Engage-iversary!!

I was proposed to "officially" 18 years ago on July 31.  To celebrate, our kids had us tell them our "story"-how we met and fell in love and such.  It was so fun!  We have told them this story many times, but they always ask for it and love it.  We love re-living it!!  After talking, the kids wanted to see my wedding dress.  We got it out and I suggested Teeny Bopper try it on.  Here she is:

How do I look as "mother of the bride"?

Well, that was fun!  I know this dress is very 90's and not her style at all but it was freaky seeing her in a wedding dress!  I am NOT ready for that yet.  Thankfully, neither is she.  But it was fun dressing her up in it. I think it would be really awesome to use parts of my dress in all my girls dresses somehow.  I will have to figure that one out...

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Holly Decker said...

thank you for giving me a heart attack. oh my gosh. she looked fantastic in your dress... and you look great as a mother of the bride... but... I CAN'T HANDLE ONE OF YOUR KIDS GETTING MARRIED YET!!!! fantastic tradition, though :)