Monday, August 20, 2012

Post of many pictures (inc...POTTY TRAINED!)

I went through my phone and sent some of the pictures to my blog so I can comment on what has been going on around here.

Let's see what we have here...

From Teeny Bopper's phone; the difference between a dust storm and a haboob.  This is a haboob-

It's always cool to watch when these things come rolling into town.  As long as you aren't driving, that is.    Especially when the kids are outside down the street and you watch them try to run (screaming, of course) home and outrun the dust.  Oh man, that is funnnny!!!  (they didn't quite outrun it but almost)

Dressing up like angry birds.  Here is the bomb bird:

Cute little brothers:

Going to Peter Piper Pizza to use our free coupons from the summer reading program.  Tailgunner was seeing something interesting on the TV here:

We found this ADORABLE book at Deseret Book.  I definitely want to get it sometime.  Great gift idea!

Here's my cute little boys.  I am so lucky to be with these guys (and all my kids) everyday.  What a blessed mother am I!!  Anyway, this boy, my little baby, is POTTY TRAINED!!!!!  
It took one day, which is how I like it.  We have tried here and there in the past, but my philosophy (for me at least) is that if they don't get it in a day, or less, they aren't quite ready.  Or I should say, I am not quite ready. I am not one to drag out potty training.  I don't stress if they are three and a half and not trained yet.  I would rather wait til three and a half and do it in one shot than work on it for weeks.  Spare me the frustration please.  I have plenty of other messes to clean up.  (thank you, puppy)
This has been my method for all 6 kids.  I can't believe we are done with potty training forever!  I have mixed emotions about that.
He has't had one accident.  Day or night!  Yay!  I can return a bag of diapers!  LOVE that.

Belly button art (couresty of Blondie-it's Dr. D's belly)  I love how kids find "creative" ways to stay entertained:

These are from last year.  Every time we would drop Dr. D off for preschool, Tailgunner would try so hard to sign I Love You to him.  Look at the concentration on his little face!  It was the sweetest thing to see.  These boys love each other so much.  Even when they are fighting.  (right?  say yes)  I love the "tongue of concentration".  :)


Jen said...

Haha love the belly button face :)

Holly Decker said...

you rock. and amen on all you said about potty training. hugs.