Wednesday, August 8, 2012

They're baaaaaack....

The lazy days of summer are officially over.  HOW did that HAPPEN?!?!?!  It's so early for school to start, I think.  They are all gone for the day, and I need to kick myself into gear and start mine.  Here are the back to school first-day pics:

First, the big kids.  Can you believe I have THREE kids going to Jr. High/High school?  I can't.  This is our first of two years that we will have three kids at the same school.  (older kids, that is)  I can't believe my Blondie is in Jr. High.  I'm still freaking out about that a little.  And the fact that I have a JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL.  What is up with that????

They are such beautiful girls!

The next group, the little's, are starting at a new school as well.  Their school moved over the summer to a much better campus, so I am happy about that.  Their teachers seem very nice.  I hope my little guy doesn't get lost at such a huge school!  They keep good tabs on kindergarteners, right:?

This boy is soooo excited to start school!!  Again, I am reeling that he is starting Kinder this year.    WHERE oh where has the time gone?  

Yes, I teared up after they got on the bus, and yes I am tearing up again right now.  I am missing that little turkey but a mom's got to do what a mom's got to do.  Admittedly I am feeling a strange and wonderful sense of peace and quiet right now...  :)

So here's who is left at home:

Good thing we have plans for the day or it may just be a little too quiet...  :)


Keeper of Banners said...

Wow! What good looking kids!

Holly Decker said...

*sigh. i just love the way you sport motherhood. uniforms never looked so hawt. and dude, i would SO cry if my kids got on a bus. and... holler for packed lunches. those mean LOVE in my eyes. my mom packed my lunch from age 3 to age 20.