Saturday, September 15, 2012

Grandma's burial

I finally downloaded the pictures from my Grandma's graveside service.  I love some of these shots because they show my family's personality perfectly.  (my dad's side)  They are goofy and love to laugh.

This is my dad (on the right) with one of his brothers.

Me and my daddy.  I look more like him than I thought I did.  Maybe it's my old age...

These next three pictures show Grandpa D with my aunts and uncle that he taught school to and with.  He lives right by the cemetary where my Grandma is buried, and he knew my grandparents very well so he wanted to come to the graveside service.  The night of my wedding reception, when my aunts came in they saw Grandpa D and went nuts because they love him so much.  He was their music teacher in school and it was such a great reunion for them.  Grandpa was so excited to see them as well, and it gave me instant points as a new member of the family.  :)  Grandpa D and Uncle L still remembered a personal joke from all those years ago, as you can see them laughing about it.

The casket bearers.  The little kids sat next to the graveside and were so fascinated with everything.

Tailgunner was very content to sit on Grandpa's lap for the service.

Two of my cousins sang a primary song.  Whenever I hear the song of a bird...   Grandma's favorite music was primary songs, I think.  She loved children and primary songs.

Me and my Blondie girl.  People say we look alike.  I don't know, maybe a little...  hehehe

Three guys with the same name.  Named after Grandpa G.

Me and my man.  My main squeeze.  Handsome hunk.  You get the idea.  And he's mine, all MINE!  That makes me so happy.

Yeah, We still got it.  :)

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