Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My morning

Here's a small account of my morning today.  You know how sometimes the smallest things make a big difference?  That was really illustrated to me in my morning so far.
Day starts at 5:30
Wake up and read scriptures
6 am all kids are up and eating breakfast.  Easy one this morning just some homemade bread we bought from the bread guy last night.
Make french bread pizza for lunches (REALLY trying to stay away from sandwiches)
Leave at 7:08
Have family prayer and scriptures in the car
No fighting in the car this morning!  Yay!!
Here's the good part-
On the way home from dropping the older kids at their ride to school, we have the windows down.  The weather in the mornings and evenings is gorgeous now!!!  Dr D suddenly panicks and tells me he dropped his spiderman lego out of the window.  Are you kidding me?  I slow down, and tell him I am sorry but it's gone now.  He doesn't throw a fit, but I see the sadness in his face and he looks at me and is like, "Can't we go look for it?  Please?"  ugh   I pull over, turn around and go back to about where he thinks he dropped it.  I leave the kids in the car and start walking down the sidewalk looking for this little lego man.  I walk a little ways, don't see anything, so head back to the car to pull up further and get out to look some more.  I see a white suburban pull around behind me and the woman in the car calls out to me to ask if I am ok.  I tell her I am just looking for a toy that dropped out the window, a little lego man.
She pulls in front of me a little bit, GETS OUT of her car - in her PJ's - and says she totally understands and has done the same thing for her kids.  She HELPS me look for this little lego man!!!
About now, I am feeling kind of embarrassed and say out loud, "I don't know why I am even looking for this thing."  She kind of laughs and says "It's because we love our kids and don't want to see them cry".  I can't explain it, but my heart was warmed at this woman's gesture.  She wasn't even the smallest bit embarrassed at the fact that she was in her pj's and robe.  She was just happy to help me out.  We both pulled our cars up a couple times and got out to look and......I FOUND THE LEGO MAN.  I was not expecting to find it, truly.  I was just looking so that Dr. D would feel that I valued him enough to try.  I also was not expecting to have a lesson of my own.
I would not have pulled over to help someone look for a lost little toy.  I would have let the fact that I was in my PJ's stop me without a second thought about it.  Wow.
We made it home with just enough time to finish getting ready and get the little kids off to their morning carpool.
I even got to see the little old man who goes out walking while smoking his big cigar.

This morning was full of little lessons for me.  What a blessing!!  And it's only 8:45...

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