Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bathroom updates

I am happy to report that almost ALL the painting in our new house is DONE!  I just lack one bathroom and the kitchen.  Still waiting for some holes to be patched and the bathroom to come together a bit more and then those will be finished also.
The master bathroom was the scariest, dirtiest place in the house.  And let me tell you, the whole house had it's share of gross.  "It's dross.  Why is it dross?"  -name that quote :)
Anyway, to prove my point here is the photographic evidence:

Close up of one corner (sorry for the blur)-

The whole shower floor-

I felt like I needed a HASMAT suit to go in there.  After some scrubbing (lots of scrubbing) with my shaklee Scour Off and then Barkeepers friend it looked like this:

Much better, but something stronger is needed.  Those corners are from hard water sitting, so we are going to try some CLR and see if that works better.  Here's hoping...

Here is the current state of the downstairs bath:

Except it is empty of tile now.  All green-backed and ready for the new shower surround, which is coming tomorrow!  Yay!  Toilets went in today, the windows are almost all trimmed out, and hopefully there will be LOTS of progress tomorrow.  We are supposed to move in just over a week ain't ready.  I am not even close to being packed, either.  Yikes!  Better get moving on that!

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