Friday, November 30, 2012

Life Update

DH sent me a text yesterday which said:
"You need to update your blog.  How else am I supposed to know what is going on with us?"

Ha. Ha.  Very funny.  :)  But seriously, there has been so much going on that I now feel completely overwhelmed about updating the blog.  I feel like it will take me forever, and I don't have time to do it right now.  And he really was just being funny.  (maybe)  Although we have been like ships passing in the night, I think we have pretty much kept each other on board with what is going on.  I could be wrong...

In a nutshell, we have pretty much completed updating the new house, moved in, are mostly settled, had Thanksgiving dinner here with my brother and his family from Utah along with my mom and our dad and step mom, went to Tucson to see my brother's mom and her family, are now in full fury of Christmas choir, orchestra and dance concerts, work parties, ward parties, misc parties, play rehearsals, Winter Formal for Teeny Bopper, did I mention trying to settle into a new house?  We have TOO MUCH STUFF.   Who wants to come help me de-clutter?  For reals!

I will try to get pictures downloaded and posted soon.  The house is looking so great-the paint colors are all just what I wanted: I love gray so much!  The neighbors are wonderful.  All the neighbor kids are outside every afternoon playing together.  We have almost all the pictures and stuff up on the walls, hopefully to finish that this weekend.  Hopefully.  We need a trip to IKEA in the worst way.  We need bookcases, a couch, and a zillion other things.  In about 2 weeks, after pay day, I am so hoping this will happen.

My favorite thing about the house--3 BATHROOMS!  Hallelujah!

My choir had a concert and it was the best we have ever done.  It was great!  Sorry to toot my own horn so much there.  :)  Now we are doing Christmas stuff, which is including a lot of flute (yay!) and harp (swoon).

Thanksgiving-again, I need to get pictures downloaded and put on here.  It was much less awkward than I thought it might be, with all of the parents, step parents, ex step parents, etc.  It was wonderful!

I really want to decorate for Christmas, but for some reason I want to get all the regular decor up first.  Even if I am moving it for Christmas.  I guess I just need to see that it has a place or something.  Or I am just weird.  I actually did get my first Christmas decoration up today.  It is an ornament wreath made from all dollar store materials (except the wire hanger).  I LOVE it.

Well, hopefully you feel caught up, DH.  Don't forget that we have FOUR concerts next week, your work party, the Christmas Devotional, and the ward party.  Love you!!  Glad we are in this crazy, wonderful life together!!

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