Monday, January 21, 2013


I have returned from Denver with a mouth full of working teeth and my heart full of happy.  It was a wonderful 3 day retreat for me.  I was able to be with my darling sister in law C and her family.  I also got to spend an evening with my other brother and sister in law, who made the BEST hamburgers ever.  Oh my, they were delicious!
I arrived on Thursday night, with my dentist appt being scheduled for Friday.  (I got two crowns put on.  Yes, I am official royalty! haha)  We went to Walmart to get food and some yummy treats.  Enter-Ben and Jerry.  I have discovered I am in love with New York Super Fudge Chunk.  Serious chocolate.  We made plans to make fish tacos and spinach artichoke chicken.  We also planned a trip to C's favorite Greek restaurant, which I was very excited about.
Friday we hung out and went to the dentist.  After that we got subway for lunch, and I got to try out my teeth.  It was glorious to be able to chew!!!  I feel like for the last 2 weeks I have been swallowing my food mostly whole.  Something I used to take for granted: chewing.
We went out to the Greek place that night.  It was soooooooo good!!  It makes me want to try a Greek restaurant I have seen here.  The food was incredible, but the company was the real treat!
Saturday we spent more time together and then took family pictures for D and C.  After that we went to D and A's house for those magnificent burgers.  It was so, so fun to see the family there!
One of the biggest treats of the weeked was holding my little baby nephew.  He is so huggable and squishable!  I with I could have snuggled him even more, but I was hesitant with my lingering cough.

Sunday we went to church, made fish tacos, and then I had to come home.  It was hard to leave them, but knowing that a plane ticket is only about $100-round trip-makes me super happy!  It is actually a possibility to see them more often than once or twice a year.  It is a totally do-able weekend trip!
I wish I had take more pictures of the trip.  (I took none.  If I had an iphone, it would be a lot easier to take pics all the time...) :)  I just relaxed and enjoyed the time together without trying to remember to take pictures.  Of course, now I wish I had!
Here is one of the family pics we took:

I LOVE this family!  I love all my family.  We are so very blessed to have each other.  Thanks for the wonderful time, C.  I love ya!
Now, back to my regularly scheduled program...


Jen said...

I've never been interested in trying Greek restaurants. maybe now i'll give it a try.

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