Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Home tour cont.-Boys Room

This room is not done by any stretch, but I thought I would post how it is anyway.  It will be good for before and after shots later, right?
It is a lovely blue/gray color that I made by mixing all of my leftover grays together.  There is no actual blue in there, but in this room it totally looks blue.  At first I didn't like it, but it quickly grew on me and now I love it!
This is entering, dun dun dun, the Boy Zone:

Their bed is the cheapest bunk bed Ikea sells.  It comes in unfinished wood, which we had for a long time but it got so dirty and gross.  Unfinished wood doesn't clean up very well, so I painted it this dark brown.  It was a pain, but so worth it!

Let's pan around the room, shall we?
Notice the closet has no doors.  We are going to put up curtains instead.  Saves money, cuter, and easier to get into.  I also plan to build an organizer in there.

I am anxious to make some cute bedding for in here.  I think I will make some simple (hopefully) quilts with sheets that I already have, because my budget is pretty much zero.

Nice bright window with the same lovely trim and nice blinds (thought you can't see them) as the rest of the house.

I have some really awesome ideas for redoing this dresser, too!  It's not as high on the priority list so it will be a while.  Sitting on the dresser is their pictures and things that need to be hung and put onto a shelf.  (I need to make a shelf as well)

The boys love their room, and so do I.  (when it's clean)  We are so blessed to have room to spread out!

Side note: I have my kids hang their towels in their rooms.  This has seemed to work the best for us, because when we kept them all in the bathroom, they were always on the floor, they seemed to use more towels because they couldn't remember whose towel belonged to who, and it was just a big mess of towels in the bathroom.  It would probably work better now that we have more bathrooms, but keeping them in their room has been the best solution for us.  It also works because if they need to shower in another bathroom because someone is already using theirs, they can just take their towel to another bathroom.  Anyone else do this differently?  I am always curious to know.

And that's the boys room!  A work in progress, but such a blessing even as it is.

Oh, and Tailgunner really wanted his picture taken with this microphone, so here ya go-

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RhondaLue said...

Looks great, Sally!

Yes, the towel situation is a messy one! I swear I wash 50 towels a week sometimes! I have a hook in the hall (not seen from the family room areas) so as they come out of their bedrooms they can grab their towel and then put it right back on the hook once it's used. They still use a ridiculous amount and more often than not leave them on their bedroom floor. Sometimes they pick up all the towels from their floor and put them in ANOTHER kids laundry basket so they don't have to wash them. Grrrrrr!