Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I have been bit by the crafting bug.  The spray paint has come out several times.  Even the sewing machine has come out. 
Here are my latest creations:

We have been just using the plain clear-ish liner for the past month, because my old curtain totally clashed with the paint in this bathroom.  So I took the clashy curtain down and we lived with the ugly old liner instead.  Much better, right? (not really) I had pinned some cute ruffly curtains, and finally just broke down and made what I wanted.  I bought two white twin flat sheets at IKEA, and then realized I needed a third one.  So I got one from Walmart, but it was totally different that the IKEA ones.  So I decided to use the Wally one for the actual curtain and the IKEA ones for the ruffles. 
It came out exactly as I had hoped!  I haven't trimmed most of the threads yet, but it is up anyway and they probably will never get trimmed.  But it's so lovely!  Ruffly loveliness. 
It inspired some new towels and a rug (since we didn't have one).  I tried gray, but to my surprise and dismay it did not work in there.  So I went for the yellow, and like it!  Cute and happy.

The rod was also nasty, so it got a spray job.  It was brushed nickel and all rusty.  It has a great shape, but needed a new finish.  I just installed the oil rubbed bronze towel rods a couple weeks ago, so went with an bronze spray paint to match.  I LOVE it!  (and spray painting is just so FUN!)  Looks great now!

Here is my other latest project.  I have had one shelf that I made a couple years ago, and was inspired by The House Of Smiths blog to make another shelf so I could make an arrangement like this:

I had the perfect spot for them in my kitchen.  Well, just so happens I found some corbels at Goodwill a month or so ago, so I got them to use with a board I had lying around.  Put them together and made a shelf.  There were a couple little hitches, like the corbels didn't have any hangers on them.  I searched my tool box and found a couple hangers and made them work.  Then I decided to put some trim on the shelf to match the first one I made, and then painted them both Rustoleum's white gloss.  LOVE that Rustoleum 2X spray paint. 
Here they are, hanging in my kitchen, just like I wanted them to!

I will post more pics of the kitchen soon.

All decked out for Valentine's Day!  This is going to be my holiday decor area, I have decided.  For these "little" holidays where I don't need to deck out the whole house, this is just enough decor to make me and the family happy.  We all love it. 
I have to be honest and say that hanging that bottom shelf (the newest one) was a comedy of errors that was NOT funny.  I have never screwed up a project like that before.  And it didn't end up perfectly lined up under the first shelf like I planned, either.  Oh well.  Suffice it to say, I am happy that all the holes in the wall are hidden by the shelf now.  :)  I am hoping it doesn't come crashing down--time will tell.  (I don't think it will, but with the grief this thing gave me I wouldn't be totally shocked if it did)
Anyhoo, I am going to call the shelves a big winner, because they look great and I like them.

I think my crafty bug is satisfied for the moment.  We (Sweet G and I) also arranged her room and gave several mirrors and picture frames a makeover for a sweet wall display.  It is coming out AWESOME!  Her room Teeny Bopper's room are coming along nicely.   Pics to come soon...


Jen said...

Love the shelves and the curtains! Great job!

Nik said...

I LOVE the curtain! I've been wanting to make a curtain like that for a long time. . . but I have no idea how to sew! Maybe you can give me a few pointers and I will be brave enough to give it a try!
I'm excited to see pics of your progress on the house! If the suspense becomes too much, maybe I'll just have to stop by and check it out! Haha!