Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Funny Story

We just got home from Snowflake, where we spent Friday and Saturday for Gpa D's funeral.  I haven't brought myself to write anything about it yet, but it's coming.  For the ride home, DH's youngest (living) brother Biff drove the huge white van (aka Big White Whale) with my three little kids in it.  I knew they were tired, especially little Tailgunner, so figured they would sleep most of the way home.  We got to Payson and stopped for a gas and potty break, and I asked Biff if the kids had been sleeping.  He said yes, and I said that I figured they would because I knew especially Tailgunner was so tired he would probably zonk right out.  Biff said he was actually the last one asleep.  Here's why:
As Biff was driving, he kept hearing Tailgunner say something every minute or so.  When he paid attention to what he was saying, he realized TG was saying, "Who threw that?"  A minute later, "Who threw that?"
He looked and both other kids were asleep, so just kind of ignored it.  Then finally TG said, "Biff!  The nuts are falling!"  There was a bag of unshelled pecans in the compartment above TG's head, and apparently the bag had come open and periodically nuts would fall onto Tailgunner.  Biff looked back and said his carseat was full of nuts.  So mom (who was also in the Whale) closed up the bag and Tailgunner was able to go to sleep once the nuts stopped falling on him.  
I get a good laugh every time I picture this happening.  Poor little guy!  hahahaha  So funny at the same time. :)

Tailgunner just "hanging out" at home.  bwahahahaha  I love little cheeks!  (he seems to like backwards undies)

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