Friday, February 1, 2013


I think being in Primary is making me a softie or something.  I have noticed that for the last few weeks, I can ONLY listen to classical music in the car, and seeing immodest people and media is bugging me more than usual.  Then there was my trip to Walmart last night.  As I drove in to the parking lot, I saw a woman with a child in a stroller.  She was holding a cardboard sign.  I am usually skeptical of people holding cardboard signs, judgmental of me I know.  But for some reason seeing this woman there touched me really deeply.  I didn't even get a chance to really read her sign, but I got the gist of having a hard time paying rent, and needing food for her family.  I felt a need to do something.  I was short on time, short on money, but had a BIG feeling in my heart that I HAD to do SOMEthing.
I walked around Walmart trying to figure out what to get to feed my own family for dinner.   As I walked around, fairly panicky for some reason, I was fighting back tears and just feeling so emotional!  I didn't want to miss her and thought that there must be some reason I felt such a strong desire to help.  I finally settled on hot dogs and Caesar salad (you know, the salad balances out the hot dogs, hehe).  It's hard for me to resist a good Hebrew National, and they were on sale!  Anyway, I finally just decided to get her what I was getting my own family so I got an extra pack of hot dogs, buns, some apples, and some granola bars.  I was so relieved to finally figure out something that I felt was fairly acceptable to give.
I went to the checkout as fast as I could, checked out and then went out to see if she was still there.  She was!  I literally RAN to my car, threw my stuff in, and as I began to drive over to her she started leaving.  I pulled up next to her, and called out.  She gave a sweet smile and came over to me.  I got out of the car, and asked her if she was the one holding a sign a few minutes ago.  She barely spoke English, and said yes and that she had started to leave because the police asked her to.  I gave her the bag of food, and told her I hoped it would help a little.  She was so gracious and I felt so good for DOING something when I felt prompted to.  As I started leaving I saw a man drive up to her and give her some cash.  I was so happy.
I couldn't hold back the tears as I drove away and bawled the whole way home.  I was feeling so blessed and like I take so much for granted.  We have a home.  We have food.  We have the Gospel and each other.  Yes, times are so tough right now, but I don't need to stand on the corner with a cardboard sign so my kids can eat.

We are blessed!  I am so thankful for the opportunity to help someone, even though it was such a little thing.  Life is good!

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