Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patty's day shelf display

I just wanted to post my most recent holiday shelf decor.  I copied all of the ideas from  I figure, I can either spend my time thinking of cute things to do and not have time to do them, or see something I like already done so I can just spend my time actually doing it.  Obviously, I choose the latter 99% of the time.  Thinking up cute things takes so much time and brain power!  I feel like I don't have enough to spare, LOL.  It is much easier for me to copy someone else's good idea.  (isn't that why they share it, anyway?)  Anyway, I have enjoyed having it up and will enjoy changing it into something Easter-y tomorrow.  Or sometime soon.  

I copied these particular ideas because I love how they all show how much I love my family.  I don't really believe it's "luck" that we have each other, but it's just cute for the holiday, ya know?  The signs say "you are my pot of gold", "lucky us", and "lucky I'm in love with my best friend".  So fun!

Here are the shelves more in context with the kitchen.  You can see my command center I have created
on the side of my cabinets.  This is our main family calendar (I LIVE by this thing) and my in-boxes that hold bills, coupons, ads~all kinds of papers.  This helps keep my counter and table clear from paper clutter and I know where to look for things.  Once a month or so I file papers I need to keep into our big filing cabinet.

I like how this display turned out very simple but festive.  The only things I bought for it was the two metal pails from the Target dollar spot and the printables. (I always print mine out at Costco because it is the cheapest place)  Hope your day was cheery and fun!  (we didn't even have any green food this year!!)  

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Jen said...

Those rainbow sticks are ADORABLE!