Friday, March 22, 2013

A post about stuff

I am not really sure what all this post will entail, I just feel like writing one.  Probably because I just finished reading the latest posts on my Teeny Bopper's blog.  Have I ever mentioned that girl has the gift of gab?  Well, she does and it makes my heart soar when I read her blog.  I made her make it private since she is a minor and all, but it is so funny and awesome to read that I feel bad sometimes that the world isn't privvy to it.  But safety first, so it shall remain private until she is old enough to make her own decision on that.  Which is next year, folks.  NEXT YEAR my baby turns 18.  What the ?????   OK, I am not going to think about that right now.
So, yesterday was a cloud 9 day for us because Teeny Bopper got asked to Prom by, how do I say, a very lovely and nice boy and we are all so very, very excited for her.  (we may have grasped hands and jumped around the kitchen together while squealing)
Here is the invite:
A cute little box with straw and moustache attached.  The "from" name was all scratched out.

Then inside, you find this:

Of course, he doesn't actually have a moustache it was a "disguise". Clever, eh?

Now begins the process of finding a dress, choosing a hairstyle, etc.  So fun!  And slightly stressful, but more fun than stress at this point.  When it gets down to the wire we shall see if that order reverses.

Today is promising to be a very busy day.  Don't ask me why I am wasting my precious time writing this blog post.  I can't answer that, except to say I am procrastinating the craziness and thus possibly making it worse. But oh well.  Here's what the morning has been so far:  get kids up, ready for, and delivered to school.  Eat breakfast, weigh myself, report my weigh in and points total for my fitness challenge, tidy kitchen a little bit, perpare for Art Masterpiece.  What lies before me:  go to Costco and Walmart to get all the food for our ward Luah tomorrow.  Deliver food to the people in the ward who signed up to prepare the food, go do Art Masterpiece at the kid's school, bring carpool home, go clean a house to get a little extra cash.  Come home, take a breather, hopefully supervise a tidy-up of my house and decide what to have for dinner.  When DH comes home we are going to get him measured for a new suit for his brother's wedding.  I am hoping that turns into a nice little date for the two of us.

As for my fitness challenge....I have let go of 2.6 pounds to his week, for a total of 6 pounds gone over the last 3 weeks!  Woot, woot!!!  My gym membership officially expired last week.  Not that I have used it so much the last several months.  Bad girl.  I have been trying to decide whether to renew it or not, and decided not.  Instead, I have been searching online (thanks to C for suggesting it) for some free workouts.  I go to youtube and search for "15 minute hiit workout video", or 20 or 30 minutes-whatever I have time for at the moment.  I have found some really great workouts!  I am of the opinion that these short, intense workouts are better than spending hours doing cardio.  I have read a lot about it lately.  I just wish that the ladies on some of these workout videos would cover their boobs.  I mean really, people.  Don't want to see boobs.  Just show the workout, please.  Other than that, I have really enjoyed doing these.  Since I have to get 45 min. of exercise in to get my full points, I do the rest of my time either walking, biking, doing yoga vidoes (also free on youtube) or doing Just Dance.

This week I also got a little pill organizer at the dollar store to make it as easy as possible to remember to take my vitamins every day.  It has helped, although I usually only remember to take them once a day.  But that is an improvement over not taking them so I am happy.

Speaking of happy, I was sick and tired of washing four-zillion cups every day.  So I got some white mugs at the dollar store, cut out some stencils with the silhouette and used a sharpie to label the cups.  I baked them hoping to set the sharpie, but it still smudges.  Oh well, it works for now and eventually I will redo it with a paint pen so it won't come off.

And speaking of random, I mowed the lawn barefoot yesterday and my feet are possibly permanently stained green.  I should have taken a picture but it was so gross and disturbing that I didn't.  It actually mostly came off, and now it's just the lines on the bottom of my feet that are still highlighted with a dark green color. Nice.

OK, my time for play is over and it's off to Costco for me.  Have a lovely day!

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