Tuesday, March 26, 2013

last night was no picnic

Sunday night Sweet G didn't feel well, and then sure enough Monday morning brought signs of a nasty tummy bug.  She even stayed home from school, which my older girls hate doing.  Then last night as we were finishing up FHE, Dr. D started complaining of his tummy hurting.  We put him to bed, and as I tucked him in not feeling very well, thoughts of cleaning up puke from the top bunk went through my head.  As I handed him his beloved Spike (stuffed bear) I had a feeling he would need a thorough cleaning later.  Wouldn't you know, my intuition rang true!  I had run Blondie to the store for some new shoes, and as we pulled into the driveway I was greeted by a husband who was so glad I showed up at just the right time.  :)  The soiled bedding had been put in the garage (including Spike, who got his first major bath) so I hosed it all off and tossed it into the washer.

Dr. D and I spent the night together on the couch, where he literally threw up every 15 minutes or so ALL NIGHT LONG.  From 9 pm to 5:30 am.  Poor guy!  He has been feeling a lot better today, although he hasn't had any food yet.  Gatorade seems to agree with him, so yay for that.  His last episode of barf was at about 9:00 this morning in the car.  Well, out the window and all over the side of the car (mostly the passenger window).  I didn't think to bring a bowl because it had been almost 4 hours since his last time.  We needed a carwash anyway.

I just put Tailgunner down for his nap and told Dr. D he had to lie down, too.  He greatly protested and told me that he never rests during the day.  I told him little boys who are up sick all night rest during the day.  He lie down on the couch and it took approx. 1 minute for him to be sound asleep.
Ahhhhh.  My turn for a rest.  :)

I wonder who will get it tonite?

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Jen said...

Hope that horrible bug is gone now.