Monday, April 15, 2013

PROM 2013

My teeny bopper had her junior prom last week.  We did a little photo shoot with her in her dress because it turned out so lovely!  She had a certain dress in mind, but it was immodest and would have required a jacket or some major modifications.  I didn't feel my sewing skills were up to sewing a prom dress, so we asked a friend in our ward to sew it, and she did a marvelous job!!  I can't believe she did it so quickly and she won't even let us pay her! 
We had some excitement before her date showed up...  Right before.  My mom had a strange and scary episode on our stairs.  She had just gone up a couple of stairs and she suddenly could not breathe!  She was so scared, and thought she was dying.  We called 911 and they came very quickly, and were still there when the date arrived.  Hey, we like to make things memorable around here!

Without further ado, the pics:

The pinning of the boutonniere.  He forgot the corsage so we didn't get that shot.  Don't worry, it was presented to her at dinner and she felt special with it happening that way.

He made up this pose so we can pretend it is the corsage.

They are so cute together!!  His suit was actually from the 60's.  So cool!  And she was thrilled he had a skinny tie on.  She had hoped for that but didn't ask.

Down in the basement so Nana could see them.  And all the firemen, of course. 

Walking past the gurney and firetruck to get to his car.  I told you we like to make things memorable. :)

Now for the photo shoot.

I am so in love with her shoes!  She found the perfect sparkly silver strappy heels.  They are so cute!  I want some!

The back of the dress was so pretty.  The jacket had a row of pearl buttons and a V-back that I liked.  Her hair was curled and swept to the side with pearl pins in the back of her head.  SOOOO pretty! Love those pearl pins!

That's my gorgeous girl!  We had a girly morning together doing nails, which was nice.  I did French tips on her toes and hands.  I love being the mom of girls!  (I love my boys, too)  I hope next year is even more wonderful.  Love you, Teeny Bopper!!!


Jen said...

what a story. Glad your mom is ok.
LOVE her dress and amazing photo's!
Such a beauty!

Crazyone said...

She is so pretty!