Thursday, May 16, 2013

Caterpillar Tales

I am cleaning out my craft room (that has been a catch-all since we moved in) and came upon some old stories that the girls wrote eons ago (2001).  They are coloring pages about butterfly eggs, and I had the girls narrate a story to go along with the pictures they colored. I will try to scan the pictures in later.

By Teeny Bopper (5 yrs. old)
Once upon a time, there was an egg.  And the egg lay on a leaf, upside down.  The next morning, the egg cracked.

Out was a beautiful caterpillar.  It crawled around.  Then it found a leaf.  The caterpillar said, "Hmmm.  Maybe this will be a good place to rest."

Then, the caterpillar built a chrysalis.  The next morning it broke up.  He threw away all the chrysalis tissues, and surprised everyone when they saw what came out.

They saw a beautiful butterfly that filled their eyes with beauty.


By Sweet G (3 yrs. old)
There was a beautiful leaf with a beautiful egg on it.  

Out came a beautiful caterpillar on the beautiful leaf.  And it said, "Maybe this is a good place to hide."

And it built a beautiful chrysalis.  They were surprised what they saw happened to him.  He made a hole and his friends were surprised.

And he was a beautiful butterfly!


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