Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tail Gunner turns 4!!!

Today our baby, Tail Gunner, is four years old!!!  I can't believe it.  Can't believe.

I conducted his birthday interview, and even recorded it (I will try to post that later).  Here is what he had to say:

How old are you?   6.  7.  Are you four?    yeah.  4
What is your favorite thing to do?  um,  make cupcakes
What is your favorite movie?  Thomas the muddy matters
What is your favorite toy?  Trains.  Trains on a table and a shelf.  (he got a train table for his bday this morning)
What are you good at doing?  um, playing trains.  I'm really good at doing trains.
Who are your favorite people?  a mommy and a daddy
What is your favorite color?  um pink and purple and white and blue and red  (yesterday it was green!)
What is your favorite food?  um salad.  Apples
What is your favorite vegetable?  pancakes!
What is your favorite fruit?  apples and peaches and um, oranges and cuties
What is your favorite book?  Thomas and James
What is your favorite song?  I love you forever  (from the book Love you Forever.  I made up a tune for the song in the book and always sing it when I read it.  It has become his latest favorite and even asks for it at bedtime. :)
What is the square root of 115?  I don't know.
Who is your best friend?  Jackson.  Why?  um, cuz he likes me.  and he hugs me.
What is your favorite memory?  Good words
What makes you laugh?  um, saying funny words
What makes you afraid?  um doing sad things
What embarrasses you the most?  Doing scary movies.  Like Dr. Who
What makes you angry?  Saying bad words
What do you want to be when you grow up?  Santa Claus  (i didn't see that one coming!  LOL)
If you could have a magical power, what would it be?  A toy train
What is your favorite vacation?  going on a mission
What would you buy if you could go to the store?  Quesadillas
What is your favorite dinner?  Pasta
What is your favorite drink?  Smoovie (smoothie) and water
What do you like to do outside?  um, do a thing.  I mean it's jumping on the trampoline and running on the tramp.
What is your favorite animal?  giraffes and tigers and lions and camels.  and even a dog.  A boy dog.
What is your favorite song?  Christmas bells
What are you good at?  um, playing trains (I am sensing a theme here...)
What is the best thing about being 4?  um doing good things

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Shauna said...

He is HILARIOUS!!! I'd say his responses indicate that you chose wisely on the train table - I definitely noticed that theme. :) Cracking up that he said he wants to be Santa Claus - I wonder what gave him that idea in that moment!