Thursday, June 27, 2013

More about this week

I forgot to mention a couple of the other things we have done this week! 

Monday started out with getting everyone up at 5 am to do yard work before the heat of the day hit.  It was soooo nice out!  After our hard work I took the girls to Ihop for a little girl time.  Oh mylanta it was so much fun!  These kids of mine are a riot, I tell you.  We didn't get out of hand or anything, just some great fun was had by all.
Last night, Sweet G and I stopped into Walmart for more lawn bags (yay! getting up at 5 again tomorrow!)  and she suggested we take a little break from walking guessed it...ride the scooters around the store.  It took some convincing for me because I was embarrassed but we did it!  It was late enough I didn't think we would be taking them away from any elderly people coming to shop.  :)

I love those crazy girls!

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