Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Quiet Week

I haven't felt much like sitting down to blog lately.  But I just HAVE to document this week!  My 3 youngest kids are down in Mexico with their grandparents, so it is just DH and I home with the 3 oldest.  Whoa.  SO.  QUIET. 
I had plans to get all my painting projects done this week, but that hasn't happened.  We have had a blast of a week, though.  Monday we wanted to do something that you can't really do with little kids that we don't do all the time, so we went tubing the Salt River.  We had so much fun!!!  Loaded up on the sunscreen so none of us got so much as a pink glow.  It was awesome.  We learned some things for next time:  
  1. Tie the tubes together before you get in.   We got separated a lot because we didn't do this.
  2. Tie our water bottles, sunscreen, and hats to us.  Fortunately we got those strings that hold sunglasses around your neck, or those would be long gone.  We started out with 5 water bottles and ended up with 2.  The others went floating down the river. 
  3. Don't wear hats with a stiff brim in the back.  If you do, you can't rest your head on the tube comfortably.
  4. The umbrella was a good idea.
We have also been going out to eat a lot, which isn't the best for the wallet, but it just feels so cheap feeding only half of us!  :)   We have gone to some favorite spots:  Thai Chili, Costa Vida, Filibertos.
Tuesday we had Sweet G's young women's activity at our house.  It was a tea party!  We spent the day cleaning and decorating for it.  Sadly, we didn't take pictures.  What were we thinking! Well, I did snap one with of the cute banner we made with my phone.  It was so adorable, and everyone had a grand time.  Our colors were yellow and bright pink, so I bought some real sunflowers for the centerpieces knowing once the party was over they would brighten my kitchen table.  I LOVE SUNFLOWERS.  They are so HAPPY!  If you need some cheering, buy some sunflowers.  I got them at Walmart for $3.88 a bunch!

Yesterday (wednesday) we went to Charming Charlies to find a necklace for me to wear to DH's brother's wedding.  I found exactly what I was looking for and we had lots of fun.  It was just me, Teeny Bopper and Sweet G.  Blondie was playing at a friend's house all day and she had tons of fun as well.  We got thirsty (ya know, being out in 107 degrees for a while makes one thirsty!)  so we stopped at a gas station and got the 79 cent 60 ounce cup of ice water.  It is seriously as big as my leg!  See:

Can you imagine having that much SODA??  I cringe at the thought.
Then we decided to get Sweet G a new dress for the upcoming wedding, so she and I went to the mall and found her 2 cute new dresses for just $30 total!!  We also found a white cardigan that she has been needing so that was a great find.
In all my down time I have been preparing a 30 minute presentation that I am giving for Relief Society tonight.  Hope that goes well!! 
We have all agreed that while this week has been a very nice break, we definitely miss the little ones and are excited to be all together again!

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