Monday, June 10, 2013

Favorite texts

I am really hoping this post doesn't embarrass anyone.  :)   I have a fear of my phone being destroyed and my favorite texts that I have saved being gone forever.  So I have decided to record them here, so if my phone dies I can still read them and smile.

Between me and my brother on my birthday -
(background-I like to recycle and such, and he does not, to put it mildly.  He believes anything related to saving the earth is a hoax.  We have fun with each other regarding this, especially since my birthday is on earth day. :)

"So we couldn't drive very far to church but since it is 80 degrees we turned the ac down to 60 for earth day.  No more global warming!  In my house at least :)

And I ate a cinnamon roll in honor of my baby sister.  happy birthday S-I LOVE YA!"

"Hey I don't have much time to tell you Happy Birthday.  I have to protest the new buses at the National Parks because they don't run on feet like the Flinstones.  Evil natural gas! Happy birthday and earth day!"

My response:
Thank you!! :_  you should come for dinner (he lives in Utah)

"Sounds good.  But I can't put my environmental protests on hold...Look for a package in the mail.  But not today cause it is still sitting on the counter..."

My response:
Hmmm now you have me could be a portable sorting and recycle station, or maybe a tabletop composte bin.  or--a statuette of obama hugging janet napolitano made from old tires and recycled soda bottles!

"It could be those things - and more!"

Turned out to be a Wonder Woman journal.  :)  The PERFECT gift!

From my SIL, C.  For some reason we have to always call and tell each other when we send an email to each other.  :)
Background: Does anyone else talk in movie quotes?  our favorite movie--The Importance of Being Earnest.  That is all.

Just sent you a three-volume novel!  I mean...Email.

Oh good!  I am particularly fond of three volume novels!  :)

And muffins...

Hahaha!!!  Lololol!  Excellent, sister!

I can hardly eat muffins in an agitated manner.

Oh i know.  I always get butter on my cuffs.

I could deny it if I liked.  I could deny anything if i liked.  And it might expose us to comment on the train platform.

Hahaha!  I am going to write that down in my diary!

It could be sensational!!!!  Lol!

Yes.  i keep it in my somewhat capacious handbag...

Which seems to have gone missing...

You seem to be displaying signs of triviality.

HAHAHA!  On the contrary, my dear sister.

You're always talking nonsense!

In matters of utmost importance, style, not sincerity, is the vital thing.

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