Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer in Denver

I have yet to post about our major summer vacation.  I just haven't made the time to sit down and go through the pictures and all that, I suppose.  So in true baby step fashion, I will post about MY vacation which happened after the family vacation. 
We went to Utah for my brother in law's wedding, and then due to a series of very fortunate events, Blondie and I were able to go to Denver to visit my sister in law, C, and her family.  Besides it just plain being time for C and I to spend time together, her son J was having surgery and we thought it would be a great diversion for him to have Blondie there.  They are thick as thieves and our plan totally worked.  They had the best time together, and you would never have known J had just had surgery because they didn't skip a beat in their having fun together.

Gettng prepped for surgery

We had the most wonderful time together!  I had no doubts, and I must say that we pretty much fulfilled all my dreams for the trip.  We had girl time.  Lots of girl time.  Translation: hand massages, head massages, back massages, arm massages, homemade facials, pedicures, manicures.  Oh. Yeah.

We look good, right?
We also had some fun outings.  Like to Little Man Ice Cream, which is hands down the BEST ice cream I have ever, EVER tasted in my life.  As in, I want to spend another hundred bucks to go back to Denver and get me some!!!

Two words: SALTED OREO.  And there is the cool street magician who bent the spoon for J!!
The last day of our visit we took a trip to Estes, which was gorgeous.  Talk about being in the pines!  C and I had lunch at the Stanley hotel (where they filmed The Shining and parts of Dumb and Dumber), while D took the kids to the family fun place and they rode bumper boats and did a huge slide.  They had a blast and came back totally soaked from the boats!

The three of us had a fun lunch together.  Baby K thought the napkin was the best part. :)

I loved every minute of baby time.  This little man was so fun to squish!  I miss him!!
Here we are in front of the Stanley.  It is an impressive hotel!

We tried to get a picture of the amazing mountains, but the picture just can't do it justice.

Our last stop in Ested was the glass blowing shop.  It was full of the most amazing pieces, all hand made and unique.  And expensive.  I should have taken a picture of my favorite thing in there.  It was a vase that cost $200.  Or was it $400?  Either way, out of my current budget. 

I bought a couple little trinkets for the kids, but C decided to buy us matching "sister glasses"!!  I LOVE it-every time I get a drink I think of her.  :)  She is amazing and I can't believe we made this trip happen!  It will bring a smile to my face forever.  (Let's keep the "fund" going for next time! :)

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C said...

I've had this post up on my tablet since you published it. I keep going back and reading and looking. Makes me so happy. Love you!!