Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Just a little journaling

So, school starts tomorrow.  I am very mixed about this.  I mean, I am partly excited because I love school, and who doesn't love new school supplies?  (the best part, right?)  BUT.  But we have had such a wonderful summer that it is hard to let it go.  After meet the teacher today at least Little Miss and Dr. D are exicted to start school, but I think the whole family is not wanting to let go of the lazy days of summer.
This summer we have done:  girls camp, youth conference, summer school, trips to Mexico, Snowflake, Utah, and Colorado, lots of swimming including lessons and swim team, played with friends, had a lemonade stand, stayed up late, slept in, watched movies on TV, chores, decorated bedrooms, re-vamped furniture, organized the pantry, organized under my kitchen sink, went to the Science Center, the mall, the movies, Big Surf and the Reparian park.
For the first time in YEARS, we did not finish the summer reading program at the library!  In fact, most of us hardly read at all.  We also (MUCH to Teeny Bopper's chagrin) did not make watermelon popsicles.  Shoot!  Now I really want one.
But we really did accomplish almost most of the things that we wrote down on our bucket list at the beginning of summer.  That's a pretty good feeling!
This will be a year of lasts.  The last year of Teeny Bopper's high school days, and possibly the last year she lives at home?!?!  The last year of having kids at home that aren't in school.  (Tailgunner starts Kindergarten next year!)  The last year of DH working on his Bachelor's degree.  Yay!!!  Maybe the last year before I go back to school.
We had a very sweet experience on Sunday.  Per tradition DH gave everyone in the family a father's blessing for the new school year.  (I am included as well, cuz I need it!)  DH shared his love for each of the kids and then we went around the room and everyone said something they are grateful for.  Then we went youngest to oldest and each of us received a Priesthood blessing.  There was hardly a wiggle throughout the whole evening.  There was a strong, sweet spirit there.  I felt prompted to share something from my Patriarchal blessing with the family, which was about them and how since I was 14 years old and received that blessing I have thought about my children and this particular line from my blessing.  It tells me how there will be a deep love between each member of our family, and how they will always support and be there for each other.  And I have to say that since we began our little family it has been this way.  They are not perfect.  We have arguments and bickering and teasing like everyone else.  But I have always felt a special bond that my children share and it has been a source of joy for me every day of my life as a mother.  What remarkable children they are!  My heart overflows with love for them.
I am happy they all go to good schools and are doing so well.  It's just hard to let them go.

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E. Paul Whetten said...

While I was reading this the thought occurred to me that it is probably time to change out Teeny Bopper's name for something more befitting her age and maturity. Something about a bird getting ready to try their wings in the big wide world.

Ay ay ay! I can't believe where the time has gone.