Monday, November 18, 2013

So good, so busy

Obviously, I haven't been very good about keeping things current on the ole blog, here.  My philosophy is that once October hit I was thrown into the Holiday Whirlwind (capitalized because I just coined a term officially, ha).  Not just the holidays, but the kids are in plays, the Primary program was upcoming, and I decided to try to make some extra money by selling holiday crafts.  I just have to add that I am happy to be so busy, because it means I have a life to live and I am grateful for that.

So......the Primary program.  It was yesterday, and I think it was an overall success.  The kids were mighty adorable and sweet, and they sang their little hearts out.  I cried, as usual, and besides a couple of logistical items, the only major things I would change is to not talk until all the kids are in their seats.  My talking just got lost because of the commotion of everyone coming up.  And invite everyone to be as reverent as possible when they come up.  I guess that is really the only big change.  And also to let the teachers know not to let the kids go to the bathroom during the program.  It was disrupting to have kids leave to go to the bathroom during the meeting.  I have to say that my counselors (including secretary-she is AMAZING)  and chorister were so absolutely wonderful.  The whole thing was definitely a team effort.  Even sharing time went great (our "after party" was a success and not crazy, just like I was hoping!).  I love the women I work with!  They are great examples to me.

Plays.  Two girls, two plays, same week.   Little Miss in is her first production "A Little Princess" as Ermengarde.  I can't wait to see her, I love this story and am so psyched that she is in it!  Teeny Bopper is the Red Queen in "Alice in Wonderland".  Yeah, can't wait to see this, either!  I know she is going to rock this part.  And we didn't think it would happen, but the stars aligned and both girls are going to be able to see the other's play! 

Craft making craze.  I decided to make a random assortment of items to try to sell at a yard/boutique sale.  I made burlap table runners of all sorts, burlap pennant banners, fall fabric pennants, and wood hot glue gun holders (which are the BEST THING since sliced bread!).  The yard sale was kind of a bust, but I have been able to sell almost everything on Facebook, so that's good.  I love crafting, so it was fun and I made enough to pay for Little Miss' play expenses, so mission accomplished. 

Oh yeah, my mom and father-in-law are both going to be having back surgeries within about a week of each other.  And they are both staying with us as they recover.  That should be interesting...  I am actually very happy about it, because I love being of service to people, especially in a medical capacity, and look forward to spending time with these parents.  I think it will be good for the kids to have an opportunity to sacrifice and serve on their behalf.  We are going to have Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday because DH's dad is having his surgery the day before Thanksgiving.  I think we will order pizza for Thanksgiving day.  hehehe

There's a quick update, no pictures attached (sorry for that).  More to come, I'm sure!

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