Monday, April 28, 2014

One more week!!

Only one more week until my manly, hunky, handsome husband graduates with his Bachelor's degree!!!  We are ALL super excited, because we will have a daddy back for the summer!  He actually went 3 days last week without seeing the boys AT ALL.  He left before they were up and got home really late so never even saw them.  That is sad. I am so, so proud of DH for working so hard. He isn't just going for finishing. Nope. He has been gettting all straight A's and is on the Dean's list and graduating with honors.  He has had a couple of his teachers tell him they are not sure what to do with a student who writes better than they do.  My attitude would be just do enough to get it done, but not him.  OK, I say that now, but when I was in school I always worked for A's as well.  I don't know if I would have the same attitude now or not.  A friend recently told me the mantra of the Engineering college is "C's get degrees!".  I love it.
I love you, honey!  And cannot wait to have you back!  Then after the summer, it's on to the Master's!
 Heaven help us.

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