Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bedroom Updates

My bedroom was feeling a little blah. The only real color (besides occassional piles of laundry) was my two citron pillows and one teal pillow. 


As you can see, there was also an issue with stuff collecting on the sides of the bed.  Our little nightstands seem to be a little too small for us, especially for DH with his c-pap machine on there.  That is why we have wall sconces instead of bedside lamps; there just wasn't any room for a lamp on those teeny tables. (and why do we so many cords???)
I got some money for my birthday, so I went to IKEA and got a curtain rod.  I debated on whether or not to make one like I did downstairs from metal conduit and other supplies, but it was only slightly more to get the IKEA one, and it was ready to install immediately. No waiting around for paint to dry and all that, so I went that route. SO glad!  I then went to Ross and found a sheet set that was just the right color (it took 3 sheet sets to get it right!  i just kept returning the ones that weren't right) and made basic curtains.

It makes such a big difference! It adds color and richness to the room.  I also went to Goodwill to look for nightstands, and found this one that is really well made and has a lovely shape to it.  (read: will get a paint job one if these days)  I put it on DH's side and corralled all his clutter in it.  Then for a temporary solution on my side I put his old little table next to mine.  It doesn't look too bad at all!  Good enough to not drive me crazy until I can get a new table. Then these little tables can go to one of the kids rooms.  All my clutter fit into these and I feel like the room is so much cleaner! I stuck my church bag and choir bag in the little space next to my tables for easy access.

I dressed up my side with a few accessories, but they are temporary until I figure out what to put there and on the dresser.
I think the room looks much nicer now!!  Hurray for the little changes that make a big difference!

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