Monday, May 12, 2014

Prom 2014 #2

Teeny Bopper was asked to go to prom at Red Mountain this year as well as Heritage. Her date was a boy she has done a few plays with through AYT.  She wore her "princess dress", which she got several years ago as a choir dress.  I think this was a perfect application of such a lovely dress. She did hot pink accents and was a Hot-to-trot!!! 
I ended up making boutenniers for both of her dates out of a bouquet from Trader Joes. We got her necklace, the pink roses for the earrings and the pink flower in her hair at Hobby Lobby.  The earrings were from the paper crafting section. We just stuck them onto some blank earring studs and clipped the flower onto a headband we already had. He was a very nice date, and she was glad she got to go.
Without further adieu, the pics of Prom 2.0.

 OK, LOVE the shoes!!!

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