Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Family by Blondie, age ?

I came across this story written by Blondie. It was a school paper, and there is no date on it so I don't know when she wrote it. I would guess around 10 years old. It is so sweet I want to preserve it here in case anything happens to the paper. Without further ado...
                                                                      My Family

          I think my family is awesome, because in my family has many cool traditions such as every time a baby is born, we have a party in the hospital room (well, kind of a party). Also, one of our traditions is whenever someone in our family has a birthday, we call them, and in our best voices we sing "Happy Birthday". There's another tradition that once every year we go somewhere to take family pictures and collect them in a family album. I think my family is funny, entertaining, smart, and very fun to be with. My family is awesome! I am certainly glad to be a Whetten!

                                                                        The End

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