Monday, October 13, 2008


Oh, yeah. It was a blast! Every year my friend SH and her family host a "spooky supper". We get together and everyone brings some sort of "spooky" food, we play games that SH's mom plans and she always gives the kids cute goodie bags (THANK you for not being into tons of candy!!). This year we had quite the feast. Dinner included witch's stew,



moth wings with puss for dipping, grimy greasy gopher guts,

bones, chips and dirty diaper dip.

Yep, we're disgusting. It's AWESOME! Here's the translation--bean soup, corn dog muffins, jello stuff in eyeball shape, pita chips and lemon hummus, teriyaki meatballs, bread sticks in bone shape, chips and bean dip served on a diaper. :)
Everything was delicious, oh and there was ice cream cake for dessert that was FAB! I admit, I liked the eyeballs but could only eat one of them because they felt so gross! haha I did eat the leftover jello stuff out of a bowl, though. We also put out a bowl of Jelly Bellies and called them Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. (we didn't have to deal with the yucky ones that way) We also made our own Butterbeer with club soda and caramel flavored Torani's syrup. We wanted to use butterscotch flavor, but couldn't find it ANYWHERE. Oh well, it worked. :)

Now for the games. We split into two teams and each team got a bunch of stuff like tissue paper, foil, plastic tablecloth, tape, and garbage bags.
We had to take the materials and construct a costume for one person on the team. We ended up with one Hulk and one bride. Cute!

We played the flour game where you un-mold a cup of flour onto a plate and place a lifesaver on top in the middle. Then you take turns using a knife to slice off the flour and whoever makes the lifesaver fall gets to pick it out with their teeth!

Then there were balloons with papers inside that had halloween themed characters written on them. We had 3 minutes to pop the balloon and act out the character. Whoever guessed the character got to go next. I love charades!

The kids got to decorate orange lunch sacks for their goodie bags, which had organic chocolate milk, halloween pencils and erasers and little halloween shaped bags of pretzels. Dr. D liked putting his stickers on his belly, though the next day we found that he must have been allergic to the adhesive or something. He had sticker shaped welts on his tummy and a rash all over it! Didn't seem to really bother him, though.

What a great time to spend with friends and family. Isn't that what holidays are all about?


Melinda said...

Oh my gosh that is so cool. It looked like a lot of fun and what good ideas. Real cute themed dinner. I love how your family is so into make others excited about it. Maybe you could try one of those dishes for family dinner next month...hahaha

Nik said...

It was fun doing Spooky Supper at your house this year!
I hope Dr. Destructo isn't allergic to latex!!!

SuperCoolMom said...

Very FUN!! Love all the creepy food!

Mother Goose said...

you guys so know how to have a party with great friends and food! I loved it!! I wanna live close by/

Lindsay Rookhuyzen said...

What a fun looking party and I love all your food!