Friday, January 7, 2011

cake balls

Sweet G wanted to serve cake balls for her birthday party.  I thought we could use something cute to present them on, so I made a merry little trip to the Dollar Tree.  (there is one right by our new house.  the lady that works there knows me now!  LOL)  Anyway, I've seen these little stands all over the web and have been waiting for a good excuse to make one.
What I bought:  a candlestick, a pack of 2 small candlesticks, and 2 plates.

And a feather duster.  That's not part of the necessary materials, but Dr. D found it and we couldn't leave it there.  Look at it:

I digress.  I just hot glued the bigger solid pink plate onto the tall candlestick.  Then hot glued the small candlesticks together.  Then glue them onto the solid pink plate, and topped it off with the polka dotted plate.  I used hot glue because that's all I had for a super quick thing like this, but it will probably come apart eventually.  I would suggest E-5000 or something like that.

Party perfect!!


Lorie said...

Very cute!!!

Anonymous said...

very cute and creative!

Jen said...

Wow! What a good idea!

Rachel said...

such a cute idea! I'm going to try this out!

House Of P said...

You are SO creative! Such a great idea! I wish we lived closer so that some of your creativity could rub off on me. Happy Belated birthday, Sweet G!