Monday, January 30, 2012

Memories of a month

So, I did Z-E-R-O posts in January, huh?  Yeah, I blame that mostly on my camera.  I hate posting without pictures, but maybe I can steal some from Teeny Bopper for this post.  This month has been a true whirl-wind.  Seriously, I feel like I am just taking my first breath after holding it for weeks, trying to make sure I didn't forget anything!  Life with older kids is soooooooooooo busy!!!!  I LOVE it, but man.  It gives a mom a run for her money.  :)
Here is the rundown of our January:
(I am just including the "big" things, not all of the day to day stuff that filled in of time)

*Daddy's birthday-39!!!  The last glorious year of his thirties!  Now he is beginning the very wonderful decade of his 40's.  It's going to be a great one, I can feel it.

*Sweet G's birthday-14!!!  We had a lot of big birthdays this year.  She can now go to stake dances, which she has.  We had a fun party for her-maybe I can find some pictures on here.

*Teeny Bopper's birthday-16!!!  Yikes!  This is a big one.  Dating and driving, here we come!!

*Winter Formal-see the previous entry, which includes dating.  Yep, she had her first date and was a vision of loveliness!  Her date was a perfect gentleman, too.  We borrowed her dress, I made the shrug to go with it for modesty, and she wore shoes she already had so the net cost was very minimal.  Whew!  It was a great night for her.

*Sweet G received her Patriarchal Blessing.  What a sweet and wonderful event that was!!  I am telling you, the children of these latter days truly are the best of the best.  Wow-this was a powerful experience her as well as her dad and me.

*I began teaching Art Masterpiece at the kid's elementary school.  I LOVE it!  I chose to teach this because I know nothing about art, or famous works of art.  I am learning so much and I get to present to Blondie's class of sixth graders and they are so much fun!

*The Scarlet Pimpernel-wow.  Let me just say that again:  WOW.  Tons of rehearsals and finally the show this month.  This was one of the best shows I've seen!  The kids in this (and the adults, can't forget them) did such a FABulous job.  I learned a lot about French Victorian hair, and that I can do 2 large heads of hair in 40 min start to finish.  That was quite a job!  But so, so fun.  :)  Teeny Bopper and Sweet G are doing nothing to their hair for at least a week to let it recover from the serious curling and teasing.

*Little Miss won an award for a drawing she did at school, and won a $100 savings bond and an invitation to a Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast all the way out at ASU West.  (read: waaay the heck out there)  It was a really nice event, and of course a delicious free breakfast.  This was a great honor, and we are so proud of her!  The title of her piece is "Still be friends even if you're different".  Cutie!!

So, add in to all of that pedicures, driving kids everywhere, meals to be made and cleaned up, choir, school field trips, doctor visits, activity days, mutual, etc.  Yep.  I barely made it, but it was a great ride!  Oh, and I did simplify somewhat.  Up until this month, our kids have been riding the bus. the beginning of January, a kid on the bus shot off a .22 pistol.  Fortunately for everyone he fired into a seat.  Luckily, neither of our kids were on the bus that day.  He sat right behind Little Miss!  The other moms that we ride to the bus stop with wanted to quit the bus and drive to and from school instead.  I agreed, and gave it a try, but this just ended up adding time, stress, and expense to life for me so we are now back on the bus.  Aaah.  It's just a little thing, but it helps nonetheless.  Yay for the little things!

Some pictures to document the month:
Winter Formal
The girls: Modest is hottest!  This pic proves it!  :)

The guys:

Picking up her date:

Say cheese!!

 The group:

Scarlet Pimpernel
The Baroness De Fancourt:

A French citizen:

Miss Amelia:

Our darling actress children: The costumes were SO awesome!  Big girls like to play dress-up, too.  :) Sweet G is really proficient with that fan.

Little Miss' award breakfast.  Blondie came along as a supportive sister.  Did I mention there were around 1500 entries for this award?:

A close-up of her picture:

Receiving the award:

Her teacher came, too!  She is so sweet.

Senator Lewis was there:

Of course, mom and dad are so happy to be here with Little Miss:

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Melinda said...

Little Miss is Awesome. What a great accomplishment for someone so young. Enjoyed seeing the girls performance. Like always they did great.