Monday, February 13, 2012

Living without

There are some things I would NOT want to live without.  Things like my dishwasher, indoor plumbing, washer and dryer, piano.  There are some things we have discovered lately that we CAN live without, and I am enjoying it very much.  This would include TV, mindless internet use, ipods and microwave.  The first few things were on purpose.  Both DH and I had the same impressions a couple weeks ago.  Upon discussing it, we had a family counsel (not to be confused with family "cancel" as the little ones say, HA!) and decided to have a month of detox from things we feel are hurting us as individuals and as a family. ipods, no Facebook or blog surfing, etc.  No TV-even on weekends for any of us.  No movies, even.  No video games, except for Just Dance because it is a fun family activity where we are interacting and not just sitting there.  And basically only using technology as a tool when we need to, not just for wasting time.
It has been tough!  But, I am feeling so much better!  I admit that today I checked a couple of friend's blogs, but other than that we have stuck to it.  I am so happy not seeing Teeny Bopper with her ipod on 24/7.  I know that is a tough one for her, but she is doing very well.  I have especially been happy that Dr. Destructo hasn't been on the TV or Wii.  He is addicted, and at his age I am aware that it is my fault.  Well, I have taken matters into my own tentacles and turned it OFF.  He is doing great!  I love it, too.  There have been a couple of times that I have wanted to turn on the TV just to get some "space" and clean or do something without interruption.  But instead of turning on the "babysitter", I have sent the kids outside or pulled out the playdoh or dug into the toy box for a long lost toy to keep them occupied instead.
At the end of the month, we are going to reconvene our counsel, and discuss how we have felt and establish some limits for re-introducing these things back into our lives.  As for the TV, I am voting for one movie on the weekend and that's it.  IF we have something we really want to watch.  I guess we'll see what happens...
As for the microwave, that wasn't planned.  It quit working.  But knowing how unhealthy they are, I am actually kind of happy to be forced into not using it.  There have been 2 times in the past week that it would have been really convenient, but we used the stove instead and took 5 min instead of 30 seconds.  Totally worth the extra 4 min and 30 sec to feel better about our food.  :)

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