Sunday, February 19, 2012

Little Niece-y Poo

I had the privilege of taking some 1 year old pictures of my cute, adorable, sweet little niece E this weekend.  Oh  my, she is positively delicious!!  She is such a happy little thing-loves everyone, crawling like crazy, walking a bit as well, down-right baby heaven!!!
Here are a few favs:

See what I mean??  Serious adorable-ness.  Her happiness is contagious!  You can't help but smile when she give you such good smiles.
Her mommy brought a cake in hopes of getting some good shots of her diving into it and making a big cake-y mess, but she didn't want much to do with it.  No, the streamers were MUCH more entertaining.

She tested a finger or two in the frosting, but finally mama pulled off a chunk and fed it to her.

She ate that piece, but didn't go back for more.  Big brother got in the scene to try and help her out.  So cute together!  You can tell by her face that she is not wanting that cake on her lap anymore!  LOL

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