Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This is Halloween!

So I know I recently pulled Fall decorations out and put them up, but yesterday I took most of it down and put Halloween up.  That's just how I roll.  I was feeling the Fall vibe, and it seemed to early to do Halloween, so it kind of goes up and down and back up then back down for Christmas.
Anyhoo, here are my spoooooky Halloween decorations!  Woohoo!

Let's start downstairs, shall we:  Here we have the top of the TV cabinet.  This is where all the cutesy stuff went.

Then we shift over to the music cabinet.  I absolutely LOVE these branches!  They were Sweet G's idea.  She's brilliant, if I do say so myself.

The glass apothecary contains a little skeleton garland that didn't get hung up.  I like it in the jar, though.

Oooh.  Spoooky branches...

OK, now on to the stairs.  Since the first moment I saw these stairs (no joke) I have wanted to do this for Halloween on them!!!!  THANK YOU Dollar Tree!!!  I was prepared to pay like $7 for these from Martha Stewart, but Dollar Tree never fails me.  Never!

Movin up the stairs we have the grandfather clock with good ol' Raven perched atop.  Wants to make you recite some Edgar Allen Poe, doesn't it?  Go ahead, you should.

I kept the pumpkins on the mantle and added my cute garland and the black "dead" candle rings.  Sweet G did not approve of leaving the pumpkins, but she can't get everything she wants now, can she?

And into the kitchen where we have the seasonal shelf display.  I went with all black and white with just a pop of color from the banner at the bottom.  I am loving this area!!!

The only thing I purchased for this area this year was the black owls, again from Dollar Tree.  They are perched all around the house adding a little spook everywhere.  I did buy the while owl at the 99 cent store this year, but that was not specifically for Halloween so I don't count it here.  But it sure is cute, isn't it?  Love that owl.

There we have it!  Oh-one more thing!  Can't leave out the front door wreath.  It went from this sad condition:

To this Halloween beauty:

Totally worth the $2 I spent on it.  $1 for the wreath and $1 for the bow (hello dollar store!) I already had the black fabric and kept my hands busy during the second session of Conference on Sunday tying it onto the wreath.  Not sure if I should leave the fabric strips hanging or trim them up to be a little more fluffy-like.  I kind of like the gauzy hangy look, but am torn.  Opinions?

Now to figure out costumes....

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